Gallagher Leadership primarily produces leadership keynotes and books. Dan is most often sought out for two specific topics (see below), but he also works in the areas of strategic planning, presentation skills, corporate learning, and trends in leadership development.

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The Self-Aware Leader: A Proven Model for Reinvention

Generosity Quotient®: How Giving Makes Leaders More Effective and More Fulfilled

Target Audience

While Dan has worked with everyone from Fortune 100 C-level executives to frontline employees, the audiences most often identified as a fit for these topics include:

  • Middle managers not investing in themselves or their people
  • Teams stuck in functional silos that are clinging to the status quo
  • Leaders unprepared for the pace of change necessary to compete


The Self-Aware Leader provides lessons on how becoming more self-aware within the context of your managerial and leadership practices will benefit you, your career, and your organization. It offers insights regarding those aspects of your management career about which you need to become self-aware, and which characteristics drive desirable leadership outcomes  such as achieving success with projects, promotions, and professional satisfaction.

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